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    svgJanuary 1, 2024Moody

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    In the big picture of life, it often feels like we’re lost in a crowd, surrounded by faces we don’t know. “Me, Myself, and I” are like little guides, helping us figure out who we are. This journey isn’t something we do alone; it’s more like a bunch of people searching for meaning in a

  • svgJuly 7, 2023Moody

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    In a little village, there lived a boy whose world was as simple as can be, his heart innocent and pure. His home, made of hay, shielded him from the outside world. He had no idea how vast and unpredictable this world could be, yet he found contentment in the beauty of his surroundings. Unaware

  • svgJune 4, 2023Spiritual

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    Alright, listen up, you curious souls! We’re about to dive into the existential clusterfuck that is the question of God’s existence. Strap in because shit’s about to get real as we venture into the murky depths of nothingness, where the divine creation emerges. One intriguing perspective in this pursuit is the notion of God arising

  • svgMarch 7, 2023Spiritual

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    Hello there! I assume you are in the right place following the path you always dreamed of. That’s between you and your dream. It remains to be seen. Anyway, Who are you? Who am I? What are all these people wandering, living, fighting, and dying for? Who are they? Do you know them? They are